“My life’s purpose and vision it to provide an environment where there is opportunity to develop and grow the consciousness mind without resistance. Where love is the value that informs beliefs, directs intentions, and drives habits which inspire actions and behaviours to serve the greater good of all.” Dwynwyn Berketo

Life and Health Coaching is offered as an optional stepping stone in the right direction for those who desire a shift in their energy and crave change in their lives. 

Some of the outcomes include;

Finding clarity about what you really want in life

Identifying what’s holding you back from achieving your goals

Breaking habitual patterns that are no longer productive

Setting clear and meaningful intentions that drive your actions

Redefining the relationship you have with yourself and the world

Feeling empowered through improved self esteem and confidence

Understanding and managing your emotions to help motivate and inspire your actions

Significantly reduce stress and anxiety by improving harmony within you


Life and Health Coaching is a guided, supported, and reflective process to help you manage and direct your life the way you want to experience it. This structured process builds from a strong foundation and brings to your awareness tools already present within you to help you focus your attention on the goals you wish to achieve. As your consciousness increases, the mind and body naturally go through a transformation moving away from your ‘old ways’ with inspired intention towards experiencing that which you desire.

It’s a beautiful process as you embrace navigating through the hills and valleys of your being!


Coaching is offered on a ‘ONE-ON-ONE’ basis for individualized goals or an 8 week programme offered to a small group called ‘FEEL YOUR ENERGY NOT YOUR AGE’.

This program is journey that takes you step by step through a process of feeling and embodying your own energy while building skills to manage and change your state of being at will. Then learning not only how to powerfully communicate what you feel with your entire body but also creating boundaries to maintain and protect what you truly value.


Group Coaching Overview

My greatest desire is to live free from fear, connected to my divinity, and in trust that my influence creates an inspiring environment for everyone around me. Confidently sharing my joy from a place of authenticity, compassion, empowerment, and truth to create lasting impressions that positively change lives.

Dwynwyn Berketo