“My life’s purpose and vision it to provide an environment where there is opportunity to develop and grow the consciousness mind without resistance. Where love is the value that directs intentions, underlies beliefs, and forms the bases for developing  habits that inspire actions and behaviours which serve the greater good of all.

My greatest desire is to live free from fear and in trust that my influence creates an inspiring environment for everyone around me. Confidently sharing my joy from a place of authenticity, compassion, truth, and empowerment to create lasting impressions that positively change lives.



Life and Health Coaching is a guided, supported, and reflective process to help you manage and direct your life the way you want to experience it. This structured process builds from a strong foundation and brings to your awareness tools already present within you to help you focus your attention on the goals you wish to achieve. As your consciousness increases, the mind and body naturally go through a transformation moving away from your ‘old ways’ with inspired intention towards experiencing that which you desire.

It’s a beautiful process as you embrace navigating through the hills and valleys of your being!


Coaching is offered on a ‘ONE-ON-ONE’ basis for individualized goals or an 8 week programme offered to a small group called ‘FEEL YOUR ENERGY NOT YOUR AGE’. This course explores life and world through the eyes of energy fields using a Quantum Physics approach as compared to the material world of Classical Physics.