The patient is our priority and your opinion is valued.  All cases are carefully and uniquely assessed and treatments tailored to your needs. All sessions are very informative, educational and interactive.

At RMT-MEDIC,  Massage Therapy and remedial exercise is used to treat postural compensations and posture/ergonomic related conditions. Repetitive stress and strain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, back pain and knee pain are among the most commonly treated conditions. We are not limited to these conditions, we also treat chronic conditions such as, severe scarring, joint replacement recovery, surgery recovery, etc. Relaxation or maintenance massage is also offered for those who incorporate massage therapy into their lives to maintain wellness and good quality of life.



Introductory: $135 (75-90min)

90min: $150

75min: $125

60min: $100

45min: $75


  • Regulated Healthcare Profession by the CMTO The body that regulates the practice of massage therapy in Ontario. They enforce the Standards of Practice.

  • EVIDENCE-BASED practice and patient-centered approach to care

  • Focus of treatments include REHABILITATION, MAINTENANCE, or RELAXATION.

  • Covered by most extended health benefits, RMT-MEDIC BILLS DIRECTLY

  • Your first treatment consists of the following;

CONSULTATION. A brief 15 min encounter with your therapist to establish whether or not massage therapy is indicated for your complaint. You are legally required to complete a confidential health history form which your therapist will review with you.

ASSESSMENT. Before treatment can proceed, your therapist needs to understand more about the origin, nature and extent of your complaint. Assessments help the therapist to isolate which structures are involved and which techniques are going to be best suited to treat you safely. Assessments are mandatory and the time needed to perform them will depend on the complexity of your condition. These assessments will also help the therapist determine your impairments and functional limitations which are necessary to determine short-term and long-term goals for the treatments.  There are many different types of assessments that your therapist may perform.

TREATMENT PLANNING. Your therapist will discuss the assessment findings with you and provide you with treatment options. Massage Therapy and Remedial Exercise are most common but should your condition be outside the scope of practice for a massage therapist in Ontario, then your therapist will refer you to the appropriate practitioner or physician.

REMEDIAL EXERCISE. Your massage therapist will give you certain stretching or strengthening exercises that you can do at the clinic, at home, in the gym or in a pool. You may also be given postural awareness exercises that may help in the treatment or prevention of poor posture or poor ergonomic body use. These exercises are intended to help you to be an active participant in your own care while in between treatments and after discharge.

FOLLOW-UP once your treatment has been administered your therapist will check in with you a few days later to establish your response to the treatment. Multiple treatments are often necessary and once your goals are met you will be

DISCHARGED from your current treatment plan. If you have other areas of the body that you would like to address, your therapist will re-establish another plan and move forward. You may continue with care if you wish but new goals will need to be established.

The RMTAO is the professional association for massage therapists in Ontario. They advocate on behalf of all their members.