Dwynwyn Droppo

Registered Massage Therapist

Over the last 10 years Dwynwyn Droppo worked in many multidisciplinary environments working for and collaborating with healthcare practitioners, physicians, trainers, students, teachers, and patients. Her love for the practise of Massage Therapy is inspirational and her motivation to advance the profession in on-going.

All that time spent in the field has made an entrepreneur of her and in 2015 Dwynwyn opened her first ‘real’ practice, RMT-MEDIC.

Her love for the practice of Massage Therapy is inspirational and her motivation to advance the profession is on-going.

At RMT-MEDIC massage therapy and remedial exercise is used to treat postural compensations and posture/ergonomic related conditions. Repetitive stress and strain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, back pain and knee pain are among the most commonly treated conditions. We are not limited to these conditions, we also treat chronic conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, severe scarring, cancer treatment recovery, surgery recovery, etc. Relaxation or maintenance massage is also offered for those who incorporate massage therapy into their lives to maintain wellness and good quality of life.

The patient is our priority and all cases are carefully assessed. All sessions are very informative, educational and interactive, the patient’s opinion is valued.

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